Life Expectancy


I have been pos since Feb 99 on meds since then and undetectectible since 3 months after. Now my tcells went from 317 to 588 and still undetctible. my questions are how long can i stay undetectible? and long can i live? And can i expect any illness from combivir and viracept which i have been on all along?


Since these powerful combination treatments for HIV have only been around since the mid 90s, no one really knows for sure how long they will be effective. But people who were treated early on and have responded to treatment as you have are still doing well. It is our hope that such individuals will live out a normal lifespan, but it is too early to be certain that that willindeed happen. We are learning all the time about the longer-term effects of HIV therapy, so it is also hard to say whther or not there will be illness associated with the meds. I think you're fortunate, and wish you the best.