Lichen Plaques and Candid but HIV Negative


Dear Doctor:

My doctor says I have Oral Lichen Plaques. He has also gave Candid Mouth Paint but the plaques and candid do not go away, it has been many months. I had contact with HIV+ person one year ago. The symptoms as mentioned followed. But I am HIV Negative (according to ELISA Blood Test at 11 months, Western Blot Test at 5 Months, ELISA and Spot 1&2Test at 7 months. I am taking chloroquin (250mg) for the plaques for two weeks now. Please tell me if I am out of danger of having HIV or not, or do I need to make what tests in the future? Is it a good idea to marry now?


You have been thoroughly tested for HIV and if you have not had any other potential exposure in the past year, you can relax. HIV-s can develop lichen planus plaques which have to be distinguished from Candida plaques, and which can be difficult to treat.

Whether you should marry now depends on whether you've found the right person!