Letter of Reasonable Accommodation


My partner disclosed his condition to his manager. Since then her behavior towards him has been quite cruel. She increased his workload 300% to the point he no longer gets an opportunity to have any break during the day or lunch. He went to the director of his department with his concerns, and still no changes in his workload have happened. The only time he gets to eat now is if I take time from my job, and bring him lunch, which doesn't mean he'll get to eat it. He's lost about 25-30 lbs. now, and his medications no longer work. He wants to write a letter requesting Reasonable Accommodation but does not know how to write one. Is there a form letter somewhere that we could use as a guide? I told him that I would do everything I could to help him with this. Since I work for an international delivery company, we decided also that we would send these letters to his employers requesting signatures to verify that they had recieved them and they cannot deny that they did. Could someone help us out, I am really scared that his job is going to be the death of him, and since I've already lost one partner, I don't think I could go through this again. Thank you.


Nancy, I think this one is yours.