Laws of HIV Disclosure


Recently contacted by NC health dept to come in for apt. I was told someone named me as a sexual partner and that i did not reveal my status. they asked for the people i had sex with in the past year and contact info. i told them as well as discused my status with them prior. Then the health advisor told me they are investigating, would not disclose the names but would verify i did reveal my status with the names i provided. one friend said he said to him it sounded like a witch hunt for stats.
Your thoughts on this matter please ? Was told the health advisor would call me by wed of next week. Thanks for your opinion.



It seems like the spirit of Jesse Helms continues to live on in North Carolina. I do not know what the current policies are at North Carolina's health department regarding contact tracing or prosecution for non-disclosure. But the emphasis on investigating and chasing a potential non-discloser (a charge that's nearly impossible to prove or disprove) seems misplaced. Wouldn't their time, resources and energies be better spent on promoting HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention??? If you feel you are being hounded inappropriately, you might consider contacting a lawyer or the ACLU. I'll reprint some information about North Carolina's "enlightened" response to HIV/AIDS below.

Good luck.

Dr. Bob

have you heard of anythinkg like this before? Aug 17, 2006

Dear Dr Bob I am from a small town in North Carolina. This is a part of th country where Jesse Helms is viewed as a hero. So hiv education is not a high priority here. I am 19 and had a very scary experience. I am a small guy only 5.1. Needless to say i dont get much attention from women. As a result I have visited an adult movie store a few times. One day a man came into my booth. He was alot bigger than me. I asked him to leave but he wouldnt. i was masturbating at the time. he reached down and stroked my penis. i managed to get turned away from him and tried to leave. he stepped in front of the door and had his penis out, he stroked himself a few times and grabbed mine and stroked me about three times before someone heard me yelling at him to stop and came in and asked him to leave. This was a very scary experience for me. I am concerned that he may have had some precum on his hand when he touched my penis. Am I at risk for catching hiv from this experenice? Have you heard of hiv being transmitted this way? please help scared kid in the right wing south who needs all the help he can get

Thank You, Billy

Response from Dr. Frascino

Hello Short-Guy Billy,

Life is not fair to us short guys. (I'm only 5'8".) We're the last people to know it's raining, but the first people to drown!

Don't let your height get you down, so to speak. The right woman will come along.

Regarding your adult movie store experience, I can certainly understand why this was a scary situation for you. Fortunately, however, there is absolutely no HIV risk from the activity you described, even if he had some pre-cum on his hand.

Finally, regarding Jesse Helms's HIV/AIDS legacy, it is indeed abhorrent and vile. I'll post below a question from the archives in which I comment about Mr. Helms.

Stay safe. Stay well. Stand tall, Billy!

Dr. Bob

HIV/Aids UN funds , etc

Jun 2, 2006

Hello Dr Bob

I am the person still whoooing after 3 month Antibody Negative but had a false positvie of 899 copies at 4 weeks PCR test. I am back to normal and the stress and anxeity have gone. Y'day I was watching Channel 13 last night , The program was the part2 of the hiv/AIDS epidemic in the world and te politics. I was stunned and was agitated and furrious with all these politicians across the world. The summary the politicians have allowed the hiv epidemic to grow like this today.

Under Clinton administartion clintona dn Gore were dong a great job atrying to organize the fight and prevention campaign to fight HIV transmission. There were some clipping of some congressmen(R) Illinois at that time who was saying that it only affects most of the gay men and the black minority who are intravinous drug users etc and why should congress spend money on the drug users , and its not major concern for the US and the hold was still with the republicans who never allowed most of the funds to get tru . Also in the nation with highest hiv population South africa , when Mandela came over to power he was totally ignorant of the epidamic starting there in sweto inspite of the ugandan govt foing a great job at time to get mass campagin to get hiv awareness . Mandela did not do any thing nor raised the issue of HIV in his tenure. Next Mbeke came into power with amesage of HIV awareness but was totally convinced with the denailist theory (Dr Dusedroff or some one the denilist) and started his speech in the UN world hoiv forum in SA with this denailist point of view where the entire audience was stunned by his opening speech and his adament decision not to pursue the antiretroviral drugs to the peple saying it was more toxic than the hiv itslef. Next was russia and china denying that HIV was a becoming epidemic in thier countries and not controlling it. The first Nation to start a generic HAART drugs were the brazilian govt and was made avl to the entire population affected with HIV . The other thing whihc bothers me is the corporate greed in protecting the drugs reaching the poor nations in the name of Intelectual property. I would say wats the use of these drugs if cannot reach the poor nation.

when the UN security council for HIV fighting funds were introduced most of the funds from the US was withheld or not released in time to purchase these drugs to the poor nation. I really wish Clinto and Gore should have pursued thier efforts when they were power. SUMMARY POLITICS has alowed the HIV epidemic to grow !!

Response from Dr. Frascino


The program you are referring to is the PBS Frontline documentary entitled "The Age of AIDS." I agree this is an excellent chronicle of the science, politics and human costs of the pandemic. I believe it should be required viewing for everyone! In fact, it can be viewed on line at the following link:

As for Duesberg and the AIDS denialists, I've written about this many times before. Check the archives!

Regarding Jesse Helms (the homophobic Republican Senator from North Carolina), his meanspirited Helms Amendment which was passed by the Senate in 1987 prohibited federal dollars for most AIDS education. It effectively blocked HIV-prevention efforts for years and is largely responsible for the epidemic's spread here in the U.S. Jesse Helms is now deceased. I remember my grandmother always told me we must "speak good of the dead." So this is what I have to say about Senator Helms: "Jesse Helms is dead. Good!"

Dr. Bob