late seroconversion


i had a protected sex with csw in mexico during which condom got slipped. i started pep 28 day course after 60 hrs approx. on 13th week from my last pep pill i took elisa hiv test which came -ve. yesterday suddenly i started coughing and then had sore throat, by night fever of 101 and night sweat. in mornig fever reached 102 i went to doctor. she said i have all flu symptoms so she did a flu test (sample taken from nose) the test came out -ve. now i am very scared as all of this started exactly after 6 month from my last pep pill. am i having ars. can seroconversion happen after 6 month. should i go for another hiv test. i am very scare as all symptoms of flu but flu test -ve :(



Unless you've had another potential HIV exposure, HIV is not your problem! Your post-PEP negative HIV test is definitive and conclusive. Late seroconversion? Nope. No way.

You most likely have a flu-like illness. The test your doctor took was for influenza, a very specific type of viral flu illness. There are many, many other viruses that cause identical flu-like illnesses and common colds. These would test negative on the "flu test". No further HIV testing is warranted. Stop worrying. "Take two aspirin and call me in the morning." All you have is a cold/flu, not HIV!

Dr. Bob