Last night encounter


Doc, I hope you can answer this. Last night I slept wit a girl whom I didn't know but seemed to know everything about me (she kind of picked me up). Although she behaved well with me and we didn't have proper sex, she licked my penis, ballas, anus and all that zone, before and after fingering me. Now I've had a few episodes of being fingered but quite lightly. This was pretty hardcore, I think she introduced 3 thingers at a certain time, to the point my ass is still itching. So what happened was: french kissing, me sucking her tits,she sucking my everything without any kind of protection and sticking her fingers (3) in my ass and pretty hardcore to me. Also rimming before and after the rimming. Also, she hangs around with nasty people (by this I don't mean promiscuous or lesbo/gay but what I sometimes refer to as "punks". To such degree at some point y lent her my cell phone and apparently she called one of these punks (I'm not sure whom but could be ex boyfriend, someone who ditched her or the father of her kid cause she has one. She says she hasn't had a boyfriend for 4 years but I know that doesn't mean anything. Well this punk even called my cell and left a threatening message saying hes gonna kill me or something like that. I suppose, think and hope that's all pure BS. However the girl told me she is ready to take an HIV test if I want her to. I don't want to disgise anyone cause I know about the 3 month window period and everything. She is not a sex worker either, just a "punkette", you know with tattoos and stuff. (well at least one but my sis also has one so i suppose that doesn't mean much and also she has a kid). Do you think if I get her tested and she's negative I could rest assured? I know about the window period but assuming the risk I got, and that I had not had sex for more than 6 months and last test was negative, should I be worried in any way? I want to be clear because I ubmitted a similar question a couple days ago and maybe you didn't answer because you thought this would not benefit much people or even confuse them more and I don't want to cause that effect by any means. But in my particular situation, given what happened and if she does test negative, could I be assured I'm ok? By the way she also claimed she gets tested about every 6 months cause in jher work they ask her to as a condition and show ed me two consecutive sanitary cards, one up to dateI just mess up with a "punkette" or did my stupid behaviour put me at risk? Please doc answer me I'm in pain and suffering, shaking...and also the death thrats in my cell phone didn't help. I ask you as an indivudual and present an indivudual scenario. I only need some reassurance to calm myself, I've been shaking for 2 days now, cold sweat while I barely sleep, and have to drink alcohol to bear it. Please help me ease my mind. And would it be any good or hel my chances getting her tested ASAP (I'm not recommending anyone to trust what anyone says or take a test before 3 months for granted but as I tried to explain, cal me selfish but I'm just asking about my case/scenario). She's not a sex worker but is a wacko whore and hangs out with scum. Although she treated me nicely that day. If you don't want to answer any part because of any reason I understand, bur of course I would like your full opinion. By the way, although I have written in the past, I have money now and am prepared to make a donation. Of course I know that doesn't modify your decisions for answering. Please Please answer me Dr Bob.



So your "not a sex worker but a wacko whore that hangs out with punks" introduced three "thingers" up your butt? Hmm. What's a "thinger"?

Your overall HIV-acquisition risk is exceedingly low at best. Your symptoms are consistent with anxiety, not HIV acute retroviral syndrome (ARS).

Should you have your gal pal HIV-antibody tested and she tests negative, this would limit your potential risk to the remote possibility that she is still within her window period. You will still need your three-month test for a conclusive result.

Thanks for your support of The Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation ( It's warmly appreciated on this Thanksgiving Day! In return I'm sending my good-luck karma that your definitive three-month test is negative.

Good luck. Be well.

Dr. Bob