Laser Treatments Safe?


HI Dr. Henry. I'm sorry if this question isn't perfectly on-forum. My question is actually about treatment risks for non-AIDS related laser procedures. I have a few tattoos that I'd like to get removed but see that some websites state that HIV+ folks are precluded from laser treatment because. I don't know if this is because the immune system may be less able to clear the affected ink or if, like the alleged risks of laser hair removal, there is a fear of the possibility that the virus can be activated by the laser treatment. I'm wondering - is there an actual risk associated with laser tattoo removal for HIV+ folks? Should I seek out a treatment office that is willing to provide laser treatments for HIV+ or should I give up and accept the old tattoos? If it matters, my current CD4 is 300, vl is >75 and i'm on isentress/truvada.



There is no good reason why HIV+ persons doing well on antiretroviral medication can undergo laser therapy with results similar to general population-I have no problem referring pxs for procedures such as you are considering. KH