Lap dance with stripper, advise for the symptoms I am having


I went to a strip club and had a private lap dance with a stripper. The stripper kissed me on my lips and I reciprocated but the kiss lasted for about 5 seconds, (tongue). Then she rubbed her vagina on my face and I kissed it with my lips (2 secs). I also licked her breasts for about 10 seconds. I did not notice any visible sores nor any kind of bleeding on her body. I had my clothes completely on, she touched her vagina and reached for my penis while I had my pants on. The contact of her hand and my penis may have been for a few seconds.

After a day, I had burning sensation while peeing only for a few hours, and the next day I got a bad back ache. The pain is all over my back but its mainly sore (I can touch and tell) around the right side of my back close to my spine in the center of the back. The burning sensation while peeing went away after drinking lots of water but the back ache is bad and hasn't gone since then (3rd day). I think I had night sweats last night too.

Now, I am really worried if I caught something. What could these symptoms be related to ? Do you think based on what I described I have any risk of catching STDs/STIs or HIV ? What kind of tests should I consider getting done ? Please advise, I am in a state of panic since last friday.

Thanks a lot !!


HI Your risk of HIV transmission from your encounter is very small. Oral sex carries the lowest risk of HIV transmission. The symptoms you are describing can be from other sexually transmitted infections or just another virus or bacteria.

I would recommend that you follow up with your health care provider for a complete STI screening, but as for HIV your risk if very small.

Be well and stay safe, Shannon