lap dance and bathroom visit


OKay Doc,

I think I am fine per the archives. But I thought I would run it by you. Okay I had a lap dance with a vigorous grinding stripper. My pants were on and I spunked the drawers. I then went into the bathroom to clean up. My concern is that her vaginal fluid may have been on my pants and I may have touched the pants when undoing my belt and zipper. Then I handled my penis (the head) to clean it. If she was hiv could the fluid containing hiv survived long enough to enter through the urethra from me cleaning up. Lastly would I test for this exposure? Thanks so much and I am sending a donation along. I will stay out of situations like this in the future.



Another night of bouncing boobs at the Badda Bing, another pair of spunked tighty whities, another worried-well post to Dr. Bob . . . hmmm . . . can you guess what comes next? Another response from Dr. Bob saying relax, Max, take a chill pill, your HIV risk is nonexistent.

Thanks for your donation (

By the way, the only reason to stay out of "situations like this" in the future is that it takes its toll on your tighty whities, OK?

Be well. Stay well.

Dr. Bob