I was with a thai ladyboy,she was not a prostitute,and we stayed together for 1 month.I agreed to pay for a breast operation for her,and of course blood samples etc was taken,and it turned out she had HIV.She was in shock and me too.As we had frequent unprotected sex,at least 50 times,I was sure I had got it. However,I was top,and bottom only 2 or 3 times,and she did not cum then,because she was on hormones,and did not cum easyly. Your answers gave me a small hope,as I read about the real statistical numbers of transmission. However that hope was small indeed. So after 3 months I tested,and to my big suprise,I was negative.I went strigth to another doctor and tested once more,negative. I know I must test again after 6 months,but chances for beeng negative should be good. Now me and the ladyboy had a very good relation,and I really love her,and she is crushed,if I leave her,and she is alone and have HIV,her life looks very bleak and sad.On the other hand if I dont leave her,we allways have to use condoms of course,and allways the risk and frigth of condom coming off,and risk of transmission.Then again if I did not get it after over 50 times unprotected,it really should not be too risky protected. She is 37 and I am 57,so even if I got it,my life would probably not be shortened,allthough more complicated with medication and such. My questions:Is this a very unusual story,and what is your advice for me to do,leave her,or live with her with protected sex?



Is this a very unusual story??? No. The boy meets ladyboy, boy pays for ladyboy's bodacious ta-tas, ladyboy discovers she's virally enhanced, boy is left with conundrum to stay or go story is a very common story. Why, you're the sixth one this week.

As for should you stay or should you go, only you can make that decision. As you may or may not know, I am part of a magnetic couple as well. My husband Steve (Dr. Steve in The Body's Tratamientos forum) is a neggie and I'm positively charged, so to speak. We've been blissfully together for 16 years and counting. Consequently happily-ever-after can come true for magnetic couples. I would suggest you take a read through the chapter on magnetic couples in the archives of this forum. It may help you reach a decision. I do hope you won't be singing "The One That Got Away Blues" for all the wrong reasons.

Good luck.

Dr. Bob