I was diagnosed two years ago. Everytime I get my lab results I get very confused. My viral load is 4600 and my t-cells are 780. Three months ago my viral load was only 1000 and my t-cells where 950. Right before I got my last results I had kidney stone surgery and had a terrible cold. Could this be the reason for the difference to my viral load and t-cells?


Thanks for your question.

I don't think that there are dramatic differences between the two set so labs- indeed we see quite a bit of absolute variation in CD4 counts, particularly among persons, like yourself, with high counts. A quick check of the CD4% will probably show only modest differences.

Yes, stressors, like surgery or infections can also cause some minor changes in counts- it could be that either the kidney stones or a bad cold could influence CD4 or viral loads. -BY