KS scarring...what are the options cosmetically?


I had KS in late 1995 and was treated successfully with no complications since. However several scars remain on my lower legs ranging dark to light. I have read some of your responses to this question (i.e.: apply paretin gel or make-up). I tried the gel with no noticable results. What about cosmetic tattoing or laser technology of some sort or even surgery to remove the scars (the largest about 5/8" diameter). I expect none of the aforementioned will be recommended but it would seem that in the age of EXTREME cosmetic/corrective treatments there has to be a better solution than Dermablend. Thank you for your thoughts and expertise regarding this matter.


I'm glad your KS was treated successfully and that you have had no complications since. It is not unusual for there to be residual scarring after successful treatment, particularly if your case of KS was severe. Typically over time the residual scarring fades; I gather this has not happened in your case. Although I do indeed recommend cosmetic make-up for my patients, I do realize that this option may not be agreeable to all of them. Some of my patients get tanned, even in the winter. This makes the KS lesions less noticeable. For some of my patients this works out quite well. Laser technology can also be effective- If you are interested, you should consult a dermatologist, hopefully one with some expertise in this area. A few of my patients have gone down this route and are quite happy with the result. Although I doubt you'll be left with completely normal skin, these maneuvers may give you a cosmetic result with which you'll be happy. Since the lesions are clearly bothering you (otherwise you wouldn't be writing), I would urge you to pursue these options (e.g., dermatologic laser). If you choose to pursue these options, please write back and let me know how things turn out.