I know I am positive and I think you are screening my question to avoid posting.. please HELP


I have wrote this over and over again. I am going insane, I feel I have ruined my life, I have NO ONE to talk to... you are my only hope. Please...Please... help ME

I had protective vaginal sex with sex worker, also had my mouth on her breast..there was some foreplay where my genitals touched her skin but did not come into contact with her genitals. I am circumsized also I think I might have caught a cold or flu prior to my episode.

A few things have been worrying me

  1. before our encounter I brushed my teeth, gums and scrubed my tounge with a tounge cleaner. Soon after there was some slight bleeding on my tounge and gums. this concerns me because I had contact with her breast. I dont think she was lactating or there was any blood. I didnt taste anything. But if some did come out would it be enough to infect me through my open cuts?

  2. I am parinoid that the condom was of poor quality, possilby had a tiny hole or was to old to work correctly. It did not break. But I am still worried about this. She provided it which even worries me more. Could she have sabatoged me?

  3. Having a cold or flu, does that increase my chance to catch HIV as I might have had a weakend immune system?

  4. I have been having many symptoms that are related to acute HIV

  • night sweats 2nd and 3rd night after incounter
  • White tounge
  • soar throat
  • extreme fatigue even after much rest
  • loss of appitite
  • IBS(constant gas, bloating, and irregular bowel movement)
  • Extreamly Dry skin all over body
  • Several headaches on and off all over head front, back
  • Red Eyes, blurred vision
  • Small bump under arm, but it busted like pimple? did not hurt much
  • Heart palapalations, racing heart
  • Tight chest
  • allergies more sensative than normal
  • Lost 8 lbs since encounter gained 3 more back
  • Stiff neck and shoulder pain
  • dry cough
  • itchy hands and feet
  • My arms get numb everytime I lay down

Dr. Bob please help me, I thank you for the time you take to help many people and I know it is something you do volunteerly. I will be donating to your foundation via your website now.

if now you can please help me with my situation. also I took an HIV rapid test as well as the NAAT test after 13 after exposure. Both tests came back negative. They nurse said I was at low risk and said its not necessary to test again until 6 months?!?! What about the 3 month test I asked and she said its only 85%, but if I am really infected isn't it better to know after 3 months rather than 6 to start treatment.. O goodness I really wish I had not done this.. PLEASE help me

All Alone,

Alien boy on Mars


Hello Alien Boy on Mars,

  1. Nope.

  2. Nope. Why would she "sabatoge" you?

  3. Nope.

  4. All of these symptoms are consistent with anxiety.

A three-month test is certainly reasonable. The results will unquestionably be negative, as your risk is essentially nonexistent.

I suggest you catch the first spaceship home. All is well here on planet earth, including you.

Dr. Bob