I know i have HIV! (ANOTHER "I KNOW I HAVE IT" QUESTION, 2010)


Dear Doc,

Let me just start off by saying that i love the work u do for HIV and the cause and i believe someday i will be in ur shoes doing the same for others. I want to let u know that i am 100% sure that i have HIV. Let me tell u what happened. On 11/20 i had a risk with a girl of unknown status(condom breakage 2x same night). As of 11/27 i started to have ARS symptoms. It started with night sweats n diahreaa then on 11/30 i started to get swollen lymph nodes on my neck. then lymph node issue became worst and now i have lymphadenopathy all over the body. I never knew what lymph nodes were prior to this incident. I have exp rash @ 3wks, thrush and swollen gums. As of now which is 11wks past exp i still have the lymphadenopathy, thrush, swollen gums and blurred vision and pain on my lower back and legs which i believe can be neuropathy. I am not exagerating my symptoms they are all very real.

Test that i have taken since then include Elisa @ 12 n 15 days n were negative DNA PCR by labcorp @ 18 days negative Oralswab @ 4wks negative Rapid HIV test and NAAT test @ 5 1/2wks negative Oralswab @ 6 1/2wks negative Unigold rapid test n NAAT test 7 1/2wks negative Clearview finger prick @ 9wks negative Oralswab @ 11wks negative

Now i know u will say that i have taken alot of test n all negative as of now, 1wk away from 12wks. So that i shud be fine. Well i have not felt fine since 11/27. I recently went to a infectious disease specialist and requested a HIV RNA viral load test to see how much of the virus is in me. I know that this test just like the NAAT have a good chance of having a false positive but i know that hiv is causing serious harm to my body n immune and i believe that the only reason why hiv has not yet been detected is due to my already compromised immune system. For years i have had GI issues. I wouldnt throw up or anything but usually had loose stool when eating certain foods, milk or can be described as IRS. So i guess after years that had an impact on my system.

  1. What are the odds that HIV is hiding in my lymph nodes there for not creating antibodies?

  2. Chances that I would have 2 false negatives from a NAAT test provided by the city of Chicago at both 5 1/2 n 7 1/2wks.

  3. How coincedental is it that all these symptoms would appear 1wk after exp but not be associated with HIV? I c alot of people all the suddent get symptoms after exp even when protected n no condom breakage, unlike my case.

I guess i have been living the hardest 3 months of my life and i will never forget this period due to all that has happened. But i know that i will make the most of whatever the results are, even if viral load test shows detectible which i know it will. thank u and i hope to get a response from u.

take care and stay well!



Not another dude who is "!00% sure" he is HIV positive, despite repeatedly testing HIV negative??? You're like the fifth one tonight. There must be a full moon out or something, because loads of looney-tunes wackos are out in force! Getting you guys to face reality and use common sense is as difficult as nailing jello to a tree!

Dude, your HIV-acquisition risk is unprotected (broken-condom) sex with someone of unknown HIV status.

Your symptoms are more consistent with anxiety than HIV. I do not believe your immune system is "compromised" based on what you reported.

Addressing your specific questions:

  1. Nonexistent.

  2. Nonexistent.

  3. It's a very common coincidence! Just check the archives for gazillions of similar stories.

Write back when you have your definitive HIV test and we'll WOO-HOO together I'll then add your post to the many others who were so wrong despite their 100% certainty!

Dr. Bob