I knew you wouldn't answer!!! You and I know I'm infected...Falling apart



Why won't you answer my questions? I'm killing myself over this and I can't eat, sleep or go through a day without thinking i'm infected with HIV.

Hopefully you can answer my questions so I can get my damn life back...I'm a mess and I just KNOW i'm infected with HIV...

My story...

3 years ago I went to Vegas. 1 night made out w/ girl. we grinded with clothes off. then put condom on & started to have sex but stopped 10 sec later we both wanted to. Next night made out w/ stripper for 3 min. Her mouth tasted weird. not really like blood who know's what...3 weeks later came down with mystery illness. 7 days very high fever, sore throat with exudates, night sweats, shaking chills, etc...no cough & didn't see a rash. 2 months before had strep. Went to ER on day 5 as I couldn't breathe...tested neg for flu, strep, mono, etc. had 12% wbc count, 7% lymphocytes and high monocytes. Doc asked if recently been exposed to HIV. Didn't think about Vegas. She said I wasn't in high risk group so probably wasnt that and didnt test me. She gaave me levaquin & fever, etc went away in a few days. My fever went down in about 2-3 hours, I was able to eat a meal at the hospital and went home. They said I had beginning signs of pneumonia even though I had absolutely no cough. Then I develped what a neurologist declared post viral neuropathy which started about a week later. Thought for SURE I had HIV. Tested neg 6 times out to 3 months with rapid tests. Tested pos for past EBV (igg) and possibly pos for mycoplasma at 3 months at an infectious disease clinic...monospot was negative again. She also did another HIV 1/2 test that was negative. Went to shrink for 6 months put HIV behind me. Tested neg again for HIV at 1 year with a rapid test at clinic. Now 3 years later neuropathy is back! Numb legs, tingling in legs and arms, burn feeling, shooting pains, etc. Went to family Doc did ton of blood work all normal except high triglycerids...no diabetes neg for HIV 1/2/O again from labcorp. Neg for all hep. Doc says he thinks it's peripheral neuropathy and has referred me to a neurologist.

My questions.

1 With all symptoms/exposure doesnt this scream HIV ARS? 2 Could the tests NOT be picking up my antibodies or do I have rair strain or strain of HIV that we do not know about yet? 3 Is labcorp test reliable? I've read it's NOT elisa test and 2nd generation. Do errors in labs happen often? 4 Ive read that some people have trouble developing antibodies to various illnesses or they just don't show up on antibody tests and other tests are needed...true? 5 Do I need more advanced HIV tests? 6 Isnt peripheral neuropathy a symptom of an underlying disease? If so, could ebv be causing this? Was it mono despite negative monospot? 7. Do you think I had something bacterial? 8. Do you think it was a random virus/bacterial infection my docs just could not pinpoint? 9. Isn't low lymphocytes a sign of acute HIV? 10. Would it take a lot of blood/etc in the mouth during making out to pass HIV? The reason I ask is because back then when I brushed my teeth my gums would bleed leaving my mouth vulnerable...

How can I FINALLY put HIV behind me and be 1000% that is NOT HIV? I can't even have sex with my girlfriend anymore because I'm so worried.

Please answer Dr. B.



  1. Nope! Multiple negative HIV tests out three years trumps any and all "symptoms."

  2. Nope.

  3. Yes, they are reliable. Laboratory errors are exceedingly rare. (Are you really suggesting you had multiple laboratory errors to explain all your negative tests? That would be a near statistical impossibility!)

  1. True, but not you. You had IgG (an antibody) to EBV!

  2. Nope.

  3. Sometimes. It can also be caused by anxiety.

  4. I have no way of determining that.

  5. Most likely.

  6. No, not necessarily.

  7. Yes.

Dr. Bob