I'm going to start meds soon. My doctor and I have narrowed down the choices to Sustiva (efavirenz) plus either Kivexa (3TC and abacavir) or Truvada (FTC and tenofovir).

My HLA test was negative, so abacavir remains an option. Genotype test shows no drug-resistant mutations, and I have no co-infections, kidney or liver problems. I'm 55 and been infected about 4 years.

There doesn't seem to be much to choose between Kivexa and Truvada. Apart from specific side effects, both list nausea and diarrhoea. Have you any views on how common side effects are with these two drugs? If all else is equal, I might as well choose the one with the lower incidence of side effects.

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Hello, and thanks for posting.

Truvada is generally better tolerated than Kivexa (Epzicom). So when all else is equal Truvada is usually chosen first. Good luck!