This is the third time that I have asked this question and every other time I have not gotten a response. My ex-boyfriend and I kissed a lot while we were dating. The first time we kissed I noticed that he had open sores in his mouth. Then about a week later I got them too. We still kissed a lot even though we both had open sores in our mouths. After we broke up I found out that he was HIV positive. I still get these sores in my mouth. My first test and my three months test for HIV have both came back negative should I be worried?


14 Female


Dear 14 Female:

The CDC recommendations are for people who feel they may have had a risky encounter to test at 6 months post the last exposure. I would be encouraged that the 3 month results were negative, but would recommend a 6 month test to be on the safe side.

The only case I am familiar with of transmission via deep kissing both person not only had open sores, but active bleeding as well. Therefore, the encounters you have described would not be considered high risk for HIV transmission.

I hope this answer helps and apologize for the delayed response.