The Kissing Dilemma


Hello bob, i need your help with my question. I recently (26 days ago, in valentines day) deep kissed a girl whose hiv status i don't know. During that time i had a sore throat from an old cold i didn't cure. I took the ELISA test at 19 days and was negative. Do i still need to take the test at 3 & 6 months ??? what's my risk??

Thank you

A worried kisser



Not unless you kiss like Count Dracula and suck pint loads of blood at the same time. No, my friend, deep kissing does not carry a risk for HIV transmission, and does not warrant HIV screening. Now I'm going to sing you a few lines from an old song, "A kiss is just a kiss . . . as time goes by. . . ."

Stay well.

Dr. Bob