kissing with cuts in mouth


Hi Dr. Bob- First off thanks for the tremendous work you do at answering all of our questions as well as for your AIDS Foundation. I just donated as a way to say "thanks". My question for you is whether you feel a HIV test would be warranted in my case... I engaged in deep kissing with a man recently after eating lunch with him. I ate a lot of chips and salsa and noticed that I had many cuts in my mouth from the chips (Hence I'm sure he did too). I am concerned that we may have both had bleeding cuts in our mouths from the chips and from brushing teeth beforehand. Is this enough risk to warrant a HIV test? I am very worried that I have put myself and girlfriend at risk. thanks again.



First off I should mention when it comes to HIV there really is no debate on the subject of the safety of kissing, except maybe on the Internet, which doesn't count! Kissing does not transmit HIV! Yes, the CDC did report on a single case of extraordinary circumstances involving two people with extensive gum disease and profusely bleeding gums, but that's a far cry form any damage that world be done eating chips and salsa! I see no cause for concern. As the song goes, "A kiss is just a kiss even after eating chips as time goes by . . . ."

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