Any kind of med that makes me want to eat


I seem to go through period's when I can't eat enough food it seem's like I'm alway's hungry,then I go through time's when food--just the smeel of food makes me want to throw up and just get sick,then sometimes I'm really hungry and I just don't want to eat. I was wondering if their was something that I could take that would make me want to eat. The VAMC in Gainesville,Fla. takes care of me and I see my doctor in a couple of day's and whatever you seem to think will work I'll mention to her. Thank's Alot..Gary


I would try may help the nausea and stimulate your appetite. Most people who fail to improve with marinol seem not to try it long enough or at a high enough dose. You should also talk to your doc about your treatment regimen (is there something causing these symptoms) and the necessity to do a GI evaluation to make sure there is nothing abnormal in your GI tract, liver, gall bladder, pancreas, etc. Alvan Fisher, M.D.