My Kind of Life: Not Just Another Healthy Drink

Sometimes the wheel is reinvented and it rolls better. There is a nutritional drink on the market that has redefined the very essence of its nature. Redefined because it is made for the HIV-impacted community and others living with chronic diseases like cancer. Unique because it has ingredients way above and beyond your basic A through zinc vitamins. Special because it is specially formulated to help you add body mass and maintain it. Different from others because it fights oxidative stress by helping you eliminate it from your system. Your body gets stressed when free radicals roam around within your cells. HIV medications, smoking, alcohol, food digestion and the omnipresent air pollution can cause these radicals to float around your blood stream where you don't need them. And did I mention that it tastes really good?

Millennium Biotechnologies, Inc., has created two formulas Resurgex and Resurgex Plus, which contain a patented ingredient called SOD (Superoxide Dismutase), which helps your body process and eliminate those free radicals. The product also contains an impressive array of essential and non-essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals to help maintain weight, increase energy and strengthen the immune system. This product is superior to other nutritional drinks because it does not start out with any high fructose corn syrup and all that other stuff that, for all we know, may also cause free radicals. It is packaged in neat single serving packages and you get to choose what liquid to shake it up with. I used soy milk with mine and it made the flavor richer and smoother. I could tell you about the impressive profile of all the ingredients but you may find out for yourself by looking it up on the Internet or calling them. Toll free: (888) 412-9179 or go to

SOD (Superoxide Dismutase) is a metal-containing antioxidant enzyme that reduces potentially harmful free radicals of oxygen formed during normal metabolic cell processes to oxygen and hydrogen peroxide. As mammalians we need oxygen to breathe and survive and as your body lives each day it naturally creates free radicals. Normally, people create SOD on their own which helps the body deal with free radicals by canceling them and returning your cells' balance to normal. As a natural part of aging the body produces less SOD. Free radicals have been studied and implicated as the main cause of chronic degenerative diseases from HIV/AIDS to cancer to cardiovascular disease and more. HIV-positive individuals taking HAART are at risk of free radical overload as these medications themselves cause free radicals. HIV causes free radicals, now if you also happen to smoke and eat rich foods you are racking up with an overabundance of free radicals.

SOD used to be effective only by injection but Millennium Biotechnologies Inc., has the exclusive rights in the medical markets to use the first orally effective form of SOD -- a patented method to cover the SOD with Gliadin, which serves to protect it in the GI tract and help get the SOD into the body. Better yet, the SOD is derived from melon and the Gliadin is derived from wheat, completely vegetarian! Also, there is mitochodrial toxicity that HIV and its medications can induce. Mitochondrial damage has been linked to lipodystrophy, peripheral neuropathy, kidney damage, muscle weakness and liver damage. The mitochondria are the cells power source. HIV-positive people taking nukes for a long time may have poor functioning mitochondria. Along with SOD, Resurgex and Resurgex Plus contain nutrients such as D-Ribose, L-Carnitine and Coenzyme Q10 that have direct and indirect roles in supporting and protecting the mitochondria.

I have been on a structured treatment interruption since October of 2002 and the only thing that I have added to my body in the interim is Resurgex. I prefer the Resurgex because I want to maintain my current body mass. When I first tried it I did not expect much but within minutes I felt more energy. And I have never really felt energy after taking supplemental drinks except for the ones loaded with ephedrine or caffeine. So I could actually feel something immediately. I also felt full and I mean extra large, biggie size value meal full. And I felt this way for about three to four hours.

When I returned to my doctor for blood work my viral load was 58,000 and on my next visit my viral load was down to 29,000 and three months after this visit the load was still hovering at 29,000. I expected my viral load to be at least near 100,000, since the last time I went on an STI after only three months my viral load spiked up to 59,000 and within one more month nearly 90,000. So I was ready for a bad report and the inevitable conversation over what meds to start and what side effects to watch out for. I believe the drink boosted and detoxified my immune system. I have been on some type of antiretroviral medications since approximately 1991 and that does not take into account any antibiotics and other medications to treat specific infections or problems that have occurred. Going back to 1991 I can also add smoking cigarettes daily and a few party favors at least every weekend to my systems' fair share of free radicals.

My Kind of Life: Not Just Another Healthy Drink

Naturally, we are all different and everything we ingest works differently on us but these are my results. I have been applying AndroGel for years and I also took a cycle of Deca-Durabolin while I was drinking this product but my weight never went anywhere over 199 pounds. However, during the ingestion of Resurgex, my BIA (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis) shows that I gained more muscle than ever before to the tune of 205 to 207 pounds. That's about 6 to 7 pounds of extra muscle that I had never achieved to gain myself.

Representatives from the company were at the United States Conference on AIDS in Atlanta a few years back and a co-worker brought some samples into TPAN and that's how I was introduced to the product. It is not cheap but we are what we eat and drink aren't we?

A couple of my buddies said it was too sweet for them, I have a sweet tooth and I like it just fine the way it is. It's good to know that the sweetness is not from a bunch of processed chemicals or sugars. If it's too sweet your taste, you can add a bit more of your favorite liquid to lessen the sweetness. You may qualify to have this drink covered under your insurance plan depending on which state you reside in and what insurance plan you have and what kind of rings of fire you can jump through. There are many people impacted by HIV and AIDS that cannot keep any food in them or cannot maintain any weight gains. Then there are people living with cancer and other chronic conditions that require the best nutrition possible. These formulas can be ingested orally or through a feeding tube.

I researched the ingredients found in two of the most popular standbys of the nutritional drink arena. It's incredible that some of these nutritional drinks are covered by most health insurance plans while being loaded with processed ingredients! These are given to the elderly, those with cancer and HIV and anyone in a hospital setting on a liquid diet. Here's the list of the first three or four ingredients from one can of brand X: water, corn syrup, sugar and sucrose. Further down the list we find canola oil, corn oil, artificial flavors and pyridoxine hydrochloride! While this is only a form of vitamin B6, it is also listed as an eye irritant! I think I'll stick to something new and truly different that I believe is healthier to ingest. And when it comes to all the sugars and oils, I would rather have these as a treat in the form of pecan pie but not in my nutritional drink.

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