what kind of foods should i eat to help arv improve my cd4 count


i found out in july that i am positive and am also 30 weeks pregnant. My cd4 count was 268 but after a week it had dropped to 236. Help me what can i eat to improve my cd4 count because a am already on arv, to help mother to child infection. what would happen if i my cd4 count droppes to below 200.concerned for myself and my child.


A drop of 268 to 236 is not really a drop...it is within the margin of error of the CD4 cell test. Besides, only trends are important since clinical decisions can not be made based on only one number.

You do not say anything about your viral load. I hope you have undetectable viral load. If not , talk to your doctor about options to control it that are friendly to the fetus.

There are no specific foods that one can eat to improve CD4 cells. However, it is important to provide the body with a balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, lean meats, nuts, fish (although I am concerned about heavy metal contamination that can affect the fetus), and good oils like olive oil. A multivitamin approved by your doctor is also important to provide essential micronutrients for you and your child.