What is the significance of having traces of leukocytes and ketones in my urine? All other parts of the urinalysis were apparently normal. My doctor told me that he is "concerned" but did not elaborate, and has scheduled more labs in a couple of days. My non-fasting blood sugar is usually above normal (sometimes as high as 200), but my doctor said that he doesn't want to initiate treatment for diabetes at this time. I am taking Trizivir, oxandrin (20 mg daily) neurontin, metoprolol, & lipitor. Your opinion is valued. Thank you.


Traces of ketones can be found urine after periods of fasting and even if your glucose is occasionally a bit high do not represent a harbinger of ketones ketoacidosis. It is possible they could also be a byproduct of bacterial metabolism of glucose in your urine and this would be supported by the presence of leucocytes (pus cells) in your urine. It would be routine to send a urine culture and checking urine sample at a future time .

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Graeme Moyle