Kenyan Sex Workers


Would I be considered in a high risk category after having protected vaginal sex with a Kenyan sex worker in Amsterdam?? Also, is it standard practice for sex workers to use latex condoms as opposed to lamb skin? thank you.


Several studies demonstrate that sex workers experience lower rates of condom failure when compared to the general public. This finding can probably be explained by sex workers' experience with condom use. People are sometimes surprised at how informed sex workers can be in protecting themselves (which might include using only latex condoms).

Generalizing this information to all sex workers is difficult, especially when determining the likelihood of a sex worker's choice of condom. Sex workers are not a uniform group, with unifying experiences; for some it is a choice, and for others it is a necessity. There are so many factors that would determine how, why, and when a sex worker uses condoms.

If a latex condom is used correctly, it should be an excellent barrier to HIV. If you choose to have sex with a sex worker again, maybe you could bring your own condoms, or at least inquire as to the type of condom the sex worker has with her/him.