How to Keep Track of Your HIV Meds, and Your Health

Executive Editor

In early 2019, we announced that we'd made the difficult decision to retire our My Health Tracker service, which had allowed people to confidentially keep a log of every lab test result they received and every start, stop, or change they made to their HIV medications. In May 2019, we formally took the tool offline.

When we first launched My Health Tracker back in 2008, it was in hopes we'd be able to continually update it and improve it, but that proved a lot more challenging than we initially expected. After a great deal of discussion, we decided that it'd be irresponsible for us to keep maintaining a tool that we don't have the ability to properly support. So we waved farewell to My Health Tracker after 11 years of helping people keep tabs on their HIV medication and health history.

For Former My Health Tracker Users: What Will Happen to Your Data

We're holding on to the databases that store your information for a relatively short period of time. Once we're certain those databases are no longer needed, however, we'll delete them for security/privacy purposes, so there's no risk that your data is discovered and misused in the future.

Now that My Health Tracker is offline, we unfortunately won't be able to help you get access to your data. If you have any questions for us, though, please email us at and include "My Health Tracker" in the subject.