kaposi sarcoma- I'm so scared!


i tested positive in 1998. and have not yet started treatment although my doc has discussed this with me several times over the years. my viral load has been high but stable and CD4 stable. I recently had a biopsy when I discovered 3 lumps on my leg and torso. My doc says although biopsy was inconclusive. He suggested that its was probably early stages of KS. I'm very worried about this as I'm so scared i wont be able to adhere or forget to take my meds. I'm not open about my status and worry about friend finding out. also can you tell me if these lumps will dissapear when i start treatment and are they likely to come back.im so desperately worried and cant sleep for the stress im under at the moment id be very grateful for any advice you can give me . thank you. tagsie


You say your viral load is "high". If you qualify for treatment under the current guidelines (roughly viral load >50,000 copies/ml or CD4 <2OO or 350 depending upon who you ask), then I do indeed hope that you can muster the spiritual resources to accept treatment. It's very difficult shouldering the burden alone which I imagine you are. Often friends and family turn out to be quite supportive, but this is obviously not always the case. If your lesions are indeed Kaposi's sarcoma, then they should improve with treatment.