Does Kaposi Sarcoma develop a scar?


I don't know my status of HIV yet (I have not received results), but I had a question about something that made me get tested in the first place. On my right arm I have about 18 light purple spots ranging from the size of a pea to the size of a dime. They are light purple and somewhat fade when I touch or rub over them but the color returns, they haven't grown any but I also have about 6 on my abdomen (same in color and shape). My question is: If this is Kaposi Sarcoma; does it ever develop something of a scar? On my arm over the dime sized spot I have a scar (looks like a small stretch-mark). Is this common with Kaposi Sarcoma?


KS does not scar in the typical way. After treatment for KS or after a good response the lesions get fainter and fainter and tend to fade away, but do not usually fade entirely.