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Dr Bob,

Hi its me again! Just read the post from a worried fellow indian about hiv infection. If you could ask him in which part of india is he from? If from Mumbai then he could get tested at the best Labs here like the Metropolis, Ranbaxy and Suburban as they use the latest kits for all HIV diagnostics.

hope this helps him luv

worried indian female


Hi Worried Indian Female,

Welcome back to the forum. I'll gladly pass your information on to Kamal. However, considering his extensive (excessive) testing to date, I'm certain his true problem has nothing to do with the accuracy of the tests he has already taken. His road back to health (both physical and mental) is dependent on his continuing to work with his psychiatrist and eventually accepting the overwhelming and incontrovertible evidence that he is HIV negative.

Be well!

Dr. Bob

HIV infection Jul 8, 2008

Enlightened Doctor,

I am Kamal from India again here to bother you, u have helped me a lot by replying & clarifying on my HIV status which helped my a while. My previous questions were 192304,192775,193334. I stop testing after your precious advice & started to live life without thinking about HIV, but recent white hard painless patch in my mouth trigger stress again. Doctor describe it as Oral Leukoplakia, I am again confused about my HIV status, when ever I try to forget about HIV infection something new happen with my body, I also sough help from Psychiatric which help me a lot, my 5 ELISA, two PCR, One western blot upto ninth month mark are negative still doctor in India again suggest me for another ELISA at one year end, do you think there is difference of testing technique available in India & USA for the detection of infection. I am fed up with all confusion about my HIV status, some time suicidal thoughts come to my mind. Kindly say something about sero-conversion after six months mark. Doctors here says I may be exception to the rule of Window period do you also think so. I have persistent neck pain & headache, underarm pain & oral ulcer. Doctor you are helping the mankind with yours constant efforts. I have no word to describe gratitude for your kind advice & support. I am hopeful that you will help me to get out of this confusing state of mind.

Response from Dr. Frascino

Hello Kamal,

Your multiple negative HIV tests, including five ELISAs, two PCRs and one Western Blot out to nine months, are definitive, conclusive and excessive. No further HIV testing is warranted. You are correct in recognizing your problem as being a "confusing state of mind." Your problem is in your head, not in your blood. As such, I encourage you to continue working with your psychiatrist, particularly if you are having suicidal thoughts.

Good luck.

Dr. Bob