Justin's 10-Year Anniversary of Living With HIV (Video)

It has been 10 years since I was diagnosed with HIV. I've changed HIV medications twice, and my body seems to like the latest one far better than the other two regimens I was on. I seem to have dealt rather well with things that have come along with being infected with HIV. Physically I didn't expect to get Rosacea, but I'm keeping it under control by trying to avoid things that I really like to eat and drink. I did break out in hives on my arms one time, and it was intolerable to the point where I was screaming in pain, but that went away when I took an anti-inflammatory.

Since having HIV, I have earned an Associate Degree in Communications, a Bachelor's in Political Science, a Master's in Public Health and now I'm in school to get my Doctorate in Public Health. During those 10 years, I got married and had two sons by adoption, Lundyn and Tavis. All in all, I'm happy and I'm doing well. Ten years down, and as many years to go as it takes to find a cure.