Just Visited a Reflexoligist


Hello Doctor,

I just visited a reflexoligist for some nerve pains i have. Anyhow he took my weight, height, blood pressure and lastly tested me from blood sugar. I was hesitating but he removed the cap and put in a new needle into the lancing device and then put the cap back on. I have no idea exactly how these lancing devices work and now i am extremely worried thinking if there was left over blood in the device that came into contact with the new needle.

Please help me out, can a lancet device which is re-usable after the needle is changed pose a risk for HIV or HEP C?




A reflexologist??? And he was checking your blood sugar? What??? Sweetie, you've been had. Reflexologists are quacks. Let's start with the fact there is not one shred of scientific evidence for reflexology's claim to manipulate energy ("Qi"), "crystalline structures" or "energy pathways!" Next, reflexology diplomas can be attained with as little as six months of home study; there is no licensing or regulation of the field. In essence anyone can practice reflexology with absolutely no qualifications! In 2009 there was a systematic review of randomized controlled trials of reflexology that concluded the latest available evidence does not show that reflexology is an effective treatment for any medical condition. It's just another alternative medicine sham and scam. As for checking your blood sugar, I can only assume it's another way the reflexologist can charge for "services", unwarranted as they may be. Generally speaking blood sugar monitoring devices are quite safe. You saw him use a new needle; consequently, I would not worry about HIV. I also wouldn't waste any more time or energy on quacks and their pseudo-treatments.

Dr. Bob