Just Tested Poz but have Thrush Already - Help


I was recently infected about 75 days ago and tested positive this week. Within 2 weeks I develop thrush and long bout of diarrahea and the trush treatment from my doc is is not working (Ny or Cloz). I no longer have acute symptoms (flu symptoms) except continueed loose stools and thrush. I just scheduled a visit to a HIV doc but have to wait 3 weeks to see the team. I been reading all the post and can't find anything regarding such early onsite of AIDS like symptoms. My question

Are my symptoms normal or is it an indication that my VL and CD4 are very low. Is there any concern that I should move up my schedule. Also,could HIV this early cause my immune system to be destroyed so fast or will this rebound byself after the acute phase so that I can figure out when to start meds. I would like to wait until I read 500 before starting.

Thank you for taking the time out of you busy schedule to help us poor soles.


During the period of acute or recent HIV infection, the CD4 count can drop and patients may rarely experience infections that would otherwise occur much later in the course of untreated HIV infection. The thrush you are experiencing may be a manifestation of this usually transient decline in CD4 count. Oral thrush is not an AIDS defining condition but you are right in stating that it does suggest a level of immune deficiency. If the diagnosis of oral thrush is correct and you are not having a response to nystatin or clotrimazole, oral anti-fungal agents may the next approach to consider. Your doctor is I am sure closely monitoring your CD4 count and your viral load. As I mentioned at the beginning of my response, the CD4 decrease is usually transient and your CD4 should recover. The decision of when to initiate has to be carefully considered. Once you experience immune recovery your symptoms should also improve and the decision of when to initiate will be dictated by CD4 count, the presence of HIV-related symptoms and your viral load numbers. Good luck Joe