just tested positive


My viral level i understand is low at 150 copies i am currently not on treatment other than the herbs like cats claw, tumerac, chia, oragano oil, and st johns wart. I take a few ZMAs and BCCAs my white blood count has been low (1,000) since i had cemo but it is always improving(1,500) the hiv status scared me seeing how it poped up with me getting tested every 60 days the hiv doctor had me in tears telling me i have a 8% chance of surviving more than 6 years with my cd4 count at 51. My oncologists tells me not to be worried low wbc is normal after treatment and will recover and a virul level that has never passes 2oo shouldn't concern me. Who should i put more faith in the oncologists or the hiv doctor?


Hello and thanks for posting.

I'm not sure... (especially given the lack of information about your cancer)

Perhaps your HIV doctor is referring to your prognosis in the absence of treatment. Yes, people with very low CD4 counts who don't start treatment have a very poor survival rate, yet with the rapid initiation of treatment, and good adherence, your HIV-related prognosis can improve dramatically.

Please do feel free to write back with any follow up. BY