i just received your letter with the concert effort 2011


i just received your letter with the concert effort 2011, and or course you always count with my support to the Robert James Frnscino. When i didnt? yo know me, i am your friend of panama.

Well i can not send the envelope but il doit with my credit card today directly as always in your web page, where i have to send to you the confirmation? Give me a email...if you want. Well doc, i have many many days traying to reache your last answer,or your you medical point of view. I need to know if you really beleive that im in a hight risk or im thinking overreating about a posible meteoro in my head in a suuny day.

Again, Thank you very much for your lasts answers but i need please yes / NO Answers medical point or View. You told me in your answaer if I desire the reassurance take a test. Im gona doit and you know that, but i want to know if you believe if necesary for this last encounter blow job, frotage and vaginal sex protect take the test. Medical Point of View. Medical Facts!!!! thanks.

Doctor I am going to need psychological help because i like to live to the edge of the danger and that unquestionably must be treat it , because I am putting always my life in risk and that conduct is not good.

Do You Remember the girl of the club that I told you, This time I took her out of the club and we went to my hotel (this was 29 of December). She show me her a HIV test that she had took on 28 of November. (NEGATIVE).

She perform oral sex without preservative ( Suck my Penis), Then, I put a condon and we had the first vaginal sex relation. Then she returned to me and practice oral sex ( Suck my penis) and frotage (She rub her vagina against my penis). Warning, never was direct penetration without condom, only rubbing or frotage.

We continue playing and I put the other condom and we proceed to the second vaginal sex relation. There is my history doctor, now I feel a lot of anxiety, I know that insertive oral sex does not carry a high risk and that frotage neither.

I contact the girl and ask her to repeated the HIV test on 3 of January and also was negative. I have a hard copy of the last test (5 days after our encounter). But I have a horrible anxiety, In summary: *She has 2 negative HIV Test (28 of November and the 3 of January) * I was with her on 29 of December (Blowjob without condon, frotage and vaginal sex with protection)

Do you think that im over reacting? Please your recommendation

Doc thaks for your asnwer and support. You only answer me about fingering, but would you recommend a hiv test for a only episode of cunnilingus or that kind of cunnilingus of touching wet vaginal lips..... medical point of view?

New Donation ( REF EPFE6XXXXXXXXX) i love to help you becasue you always help me. (Low Risk Situation) Nov 30, 2010

Dear Doctor, first of all let me give you thank you for de recital favorites by Nissman.. I love it. Here i am again a litle worry.I have written to you the past days but I have not had the luck to get an answer from you. You already know me and know that I am a men with panic or fobia with HIV. Here is the situation, I went to a night club last tuesday and my friends paid to me a vip lap dance with the stripper. The facts: She start dancing naked and I kissed hers thighs and legs around the pelvis near the vagina, y never put my tongue inside her vagina or licked her clitoris. But my lips and nose touched slightly their vagina by the movements of the dance that stripper did, while I kissed hers thighs really near of her vagina. So yes my lips touched slightly her vagina. Additional, i put one of my fingers inside her vagina and masturbate her for no more than 30 seconds. Here is my question...Would you recommend a test for this episode? Under medical Point of view its necessary to take a test only for this incident. thanks for your always support. Im gona do what ever you recommend me. If you say thats is a neglible risk and move on, i wil, and if you think that its better take a test, well i will doit. The stripper has a 30 days ago hiv negative test.

Response from Dr. Frascino Hi,

Welcome back to the forum.

Your HIV-acquisition risk is negligible to nonexistent, assuming the skin on your fingering finger was intact. HIV testing would not be warranted.

I'm delighted you are enjoying Barbara Nissan's CD thank-you gift for your last donation to my foundation. Steve (Dr. Steve, the expert in The Body's Tratamientos forum) and I will be performing an AIDS benefit with Barbara Nissan next summer. She's a phenomenal pianist and very kind soul.

Thank you for your ongoing support of The Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation and its two-prong mission to (1) provide crucial services to men, women and children worldwide living with HIV/AIDS and (2) promote HIV/AIDS awareness through advocacy and education. Your tax-deductible gifts are warmly appreciated.

Regarding your fear of HIV, try reading through the wealth of information on this site, in its archives and on the related links. The better informed one becomes about HIV and exactly how the virus is, and is not, transmitted, the less frightening HIV becomes. Ultimately, if you remain fearful, counseling may be beneficial in helping you confront and conquer your fears. Sex is supposed to be fun, not anxiety provoking!

Be well. Happy Holidays.

Dr. Bob

Response from Dr. Frascino Hi,

Sorry for the confusion. My statement "your HIV-acquisition risk is negligible to nonexistent" was meant for the entire episode -- the lap dance, kissing, lips and nose touching vagina, minimal cunnilingus and fingering. The caveat about having intact skin on your probing finger was to make sure there were no extenuating circumstances.

Hope that clarifies things.

Dr. Bob

Response from Dr. Frascino Hello,

Frottage is not considered an HIV-acquisition risk. Latex condom-protected sex is considered "protected," assuming the latex condoms were used properly and did not break. Unprotected insertive oral sex carries only a very minimal risk for acquiring the virus. That your gal-pal tested HIV negative a few days before and five days after your wild night at the No-Tell Motel significantly reduces any potential risk of HIV transmission to the remote possibility she acquired the virus only very recently and is still in her window period.

In summary, your HIV-acquisition risk is very low. If you desire the reassurance of a convulsive HIV-antibody test result, you will need to wait until the three-month mark.

Regarding your follow-up question from your previous post, you report your "lips touched slightly her vagina" but you "never put (your) tongue insider her vagina or licked her cliteris." HIV testing is not warranted as a consequence of this action.

Finally, I think psychotherapy (counseling) would help you confront your irrational fears of HIV.

Good luck. Stop worrying. Be well.

Dr. Bob



The short answer is "no."

Your HIV-acquisition risk is negligible to nonexistent. HIV testing is not medically necessary or warranted. However, if testing helps you put your unwarranted worries permanently to rest, it may be helpful psychologically. Your test result will undoubtedly be negative.

Hope that helps.

Dr. Bob