just diagnosed hiv, good t-cell,low viral load, but very high crp


dear robert frascino,

i am from germany, 34 years old and i was diagnosed hiv three weeks ago which was a big shock. i had a kind of infect that did not go away, fewer, nightsweats,cough. very hig crp nobody found something..the third doktor made an hiv test and a ct .hiv was positive and he found some swollen lymphnodes in the mediastinum..he sent me to a specialist for hiv..this doctor found out, that i have quite a good status. 460 t cells and 9400 copies of the virus...but since two month my crp is around 80 ( very high) and i have anmia, and i am very very tired.so i was tested everything, tbc, lymph cancer...nothing...now he sayd, that i may be caused by hiv itself, altough my status is quite good..so he suggested me to start therapie..with truveda/issentres...do you think ..it is a good decision to start meds ow...or should i try to find out more, what could stand behind the high crp before?

thank you in advance, and sorry for my english.....sven


Hello Sven,

CRP increases as a result of inflammation. It's a nonspecific test.

Anemia is a fairly common condition in those of us who are positively charged. There are a number of potential underlying causes of HIV-associated anemia. Check out the chapter devoted to this topic in the archives of this forum.

Regarding antiretroviral therapy, current recommendations suggest starting when the CD4 count is in the 350-500 range. Some HIV specialists, including yours truly, recommend beginning as soon as the patient is ready, regardless of CD4 count, to prevent damaging immune inflammation and also to preserve immune function.

Unfortunately, I cannot diagnose the cause of your anemia or elevated CRP over the Internet.

Good luck.

Dr. Bob