Just diagnosed HIV+ Cousin- blood in car + $150.00 donation from he and I!


Hello doctor, first I want to my cousin and I are donating $150.00 for your advice! He was just diagnosed HIV positive and last week when I took him out, his finger was bleeding. He got blood on the apolstery(spelling) on the roof of the inside of my car. It was about the size of two tic tacs. I touched it by accident and worry if there's more blood on the seat belt or door handles, radio knobs ect... This 1 week ago. Is this enough time for the blood to be inactive? I don't want to clean it, is it ok if I don't clean it? We are both new to this and he's just as worried as me because when I touch it I had a cut and my finger where I touched it. We are scheduled for a therapy appoitment to educate us. Please give us your advice and comfort! $150.00 + GREAT appreciation! Love, Sandy and Tim :)


Hello Sandy and Tim,

No risk. Review the information in the archives. I'm confident you'll find it reassuring and enlightening.

Thanks for your support of The Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation (www.concertedeffort.org).

Dr. Bob