Johnny Mathis "chances are?"


Hi Dr. Bob,

I hope you are well. I will be taking my 90 day test coming up and wanted to ask you for your good luck kharma. I had brief unprotected oral performed on me without an erection and I fingered her (a prostitute) without any cuts on my fingers. I have called the SF California Aids Hotline several times to where they recognize my voice. They keep telling me that my risk was non-existant "to my surprise". I have told them that I have had diarrhea out of the blue, twice and have had sinus problems and bouts of night sweats which I have never had before. They say that those symptoms are way down the road if I was infected and the bottem line is I didn't put myself at risk. I keep trying to put this behind me and muster up the courage to take the test and then I have another bizarre symptom that I have never had before. I appreciate all the time and energy you give to this site. If you would please put me on your good kharma list I would appreciate it. If I am negative one good thing has come from this 3 month nightmare and that is I quit drinking and am very well informed about safe sex!

Love Ya man!




So the SF AIDS Hotline is getting ready to put a restraining order out on you?

I agree your HIV-acquisition risk is essentially nonexistent. Symptoms are notoriously unreliable in predicting who is and is not HIV infected.

My advice is to get tested. Your WOO-HOO is waiting for you! My good-luck karma has been sent (although you really don't need it). The title of your post is Johnny Mathis "chances are". Remember the final line to that Johnny Mathis tune is: "The chances are your chances are . . . awfully good."

Good luck.

Dr. Bob