Japan: Online Novel Teaches Young Brazilians Safe Sex

Communicating safe sex messages to young Brazilians living in Japan is the goal of a new project by the Tokyo-based nonprofit Assistance Service for Brazilians in Japan (ASBJ).

In May, ASBJ began posting online a Portuguese translation of the Japanese novel "Love Communication," which was written by obstetrician-gynecologist Nahomi Sudo. Dealing with an affair between a female high school pupil and a male university student, the novel details such topics as birth control, STDs, and communication between the sexes.

The translations by ASBJ staff are rewritten by Brazilian volunteers in Japan into the Portuguese vernacular familiar to Brazilian youths.

With new installments being posted twice-weekly, ASBJ hopes to have the whole novel translated within a year.

The novel is accessible via computer -- www.nposabja.org -- and cell phone -- http://pokebras.com/love.