Hello dr. bob!!

congratulations for answering all the silly questions from all the planet!!Here there is another one which i beg you to answer!Recently i took my bath in a jacuzzi with 2 sexy girls and they gave me a handjob without having sexual intercourse...The water was chlorinated and hot around 37 degrees celcius..Is it possible to contract hiv if their vaginal fluids fell in the water bacause as i was happy at that moment some water came into my mouth....I know that chlorine kills almost everything but what if the water was not chlorinated?Is the dilution of the virus enough for not contracting hiv? ....please....doc one more silly question from a probably silly person(that's me..) I'll keep donating to you foundation..

thanks in advance a greek guy



Did you really think I would change my mind from the last time I answered this exact same question?

See below.

Dr. Bob

is there any possibility? May 18, 2006

Just a small question needeed a short answer to calm.2 sexy naked girls gave me a handjob in a jakuzzi which was chlorinated and there a possibility to transmit me hiv if their vaginal fluids fell in the water bacause i drunk same water.Please answer just to relax a simple yes or a simple no.Congratulations and i'll keep donating to your foundation.

Response from Dr. Frascino


Even if you drank the whole Jacuzzi, you would not be at risk following your two-sexy-naked-girls-and-one-lucky-guy-rub-a-dub-dub-in-the-hot-tub!

Dr. Bob