IVF for - HepC Male (Positive) and Female (Negative)


Hi Doc, My world has turned upside down with the news that I (Male) am tested positive for Hepatitis C but fortunately my wife has been tested negative. We have been trying to have baby for last 4 years but no luck so we thought of going for IVF. But this news has really put us down. I have few question, I am looking for sincere suggestion and advice.

  1. Can we still go for IVF (me without being treated) and will IFV center accept us for IVF procedure
  2. If we go with IVF, What is the possibility that this disease might be transmitted to baby or wife
  3. Can we have normal sex life(Unprotected sex)
  4. After going through the material on the internet I came to know that HCV treatment is long and hard procedure and it has side effects. I would like to know side effect and also what is impact of my potency or chances of having baby after the treatment?
  5. What are our chances of having healthy baby and what is the way forward. Please advice and help.


HCV infected males can have sperm washings before in vitro fertilization (IVF) so that you will not be infectious to your wife.

If you don't infect your wife, your baby is not at risk.

Even with routine intercourse there is a risk of spreading HCV to your partner, but the risk is quite low (about 1 percent). To eliminate risk, condoms need to be used.

HCV treatment is far better now for genotype 1 infected patients. In the past they had to take about 48 weeks of pegylated interferon (PEG) and ribavirin (RBV), which have many side effects, such as fatigue, weight loss, mood changes, and other symptoms.

However, now we have boceprevir and telaprevir. The addition of any of these new Protease Inhibitors to PEG plus RBV = triple therapy....This new cocktail for HCV is potent and very effective in as little as 24 weeks.