Dear doc ,I have now joinned the ranks of the ex files or ex worried well as I tested negative{the karma you sent me worked]. This whole eposide of me convincing myself i infected my girlfriend of hiv from her syptoms [when i think about it i never went to medical school] has got me thinking more about life from a different perspective.Firstly that I actually love my girlfriend ,secondly that people in this world actually do have hiv and have to live with it on a daily bases,this for me takes real courage .I only thought i had it and that was enough to give me feelings of despair that ive never imagined ,and this doc is a good thing because i can now reflect on those feelings and know that today ,the day i got my negative results someone got a positive and the feeling of despair that they must feel i cant even imagine. This eposide will make me a better person ALL EX WORRIED WELLS should learn from this and help the ones that where not as lucky.What this means is at some level we should be helping in the fight agaist hiv wheather this means joinning a hiv charity to help raise money or help consell or help educate{god knows i ve read every web site linked to hiv i feel i could do a PHD on it],or donating money on a steady bases for such causes as yours.Or just helping out in any way we can with the problems AIDS has caused in africa .The problems are many but ex worried wellls should play there part in helping people with hiv in SOME way. Overall doc you are a credit to the human race,the fact that u have hiv yourself yet you take the time to concertate your energys into helping others .I cant sing your praises enough you where the only source that helped relieve my depression and anxiety during the window period,and for that i am greatful for. You have now been added to my list of regular charities



Hi George,

Welcome back to the forum and welcome officially to our X-Files (ex-worried wells)!!! We've been waiting for you! I'll repost your story below for our readers.

Thank you for your comments and also for adding The Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation (www.concertedeffort.org) to your list of charities! Your gift is warmly appreciated. Welcome to the fight against the global pandemic!

Be well George!

Dr. Bob


Doc first of all this web site should be made compulsally veiwing for all schools...its very informative plus u yourself do a great job.{sex is still a taboo in my part of the world...Ireland} At this minute in time I am very worried and I m working my way up to have a hiv test.I know that you said to check the forums but this has made me worst as all the symptoms of ars i have had as has my girlfriend. To cut a long story short I had protected oral sex with a south american hooker which was followed by protective viginal sex ,but my condom had CAME OFF,I worked out that i must have had 3 minutes of unprotected sex with the hooker. 3 weeks after the the incident I developed body aches and pains with a headache a fever and a runny nose these symptoms lasted about 1/2 days a week later i had diarrrha this lasted for 1/2 days. Now I was not worried about this until one night a few months later i was having sex with my girlfriend and the condom broke{we always pratice safe sex} i did cum inside her but only realised that the condom was broke afterwards both of us were drunk a major factor in not realising the broke condom. 4 weeks after this incident my girlfriend developed a rash under both armpitts a fever of over 38 degrees ,hot and cold sweats body aches and pains, a sore throat ,headache.this lasted 1 week I know that you can not diagnose at your sypmtoms from the internet but the coincidense of these eposides of unprotective sex followed by ars symptoms has scared the hell out of me....tommorrow i will go for an hiv test but was just hoping u can send me some karama In your opinion should i be worried about these sypmtoms as being ars...I love my girlfriend very much we have a child together and shes studing to be a nurse...I feel like a total F@@k up as ive got the worst luck in the world.

Doc how do i send money from Ireland out to your organisation .......

Thanks George

Response from Dr. Frascino


Sex is taboo in Ireland? Really? What do you do during the cold rainy months?

Unprotected (or failed-condom) sex does place you at some degree of risk for STDs, including HIV. Consequently testing at the three-month mark is indeed warranted.

"Symptoms" are notoriously unreliable in predicting who is and is not HIV infected.

Your overall HIV-acquisition risk remains low.

Donation information for the Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation can be found on the foundation's Web site at www.concertedeffort.org. From overseas the foundation warmly accepts PayPal, credit cards, cash (any currency), cashier's checks and direct bank-to-bank wire transfers. Thanks for your interest in making a donation! In return I'm sending my good-luck karma that your definitive three-month test is negative.

Good luck.

Dr. Bob