I am a student nurse and I was changing a patients IV fluid bag, when removing the spike from the empty bag, and attempting to spike (pierce) the new IV fluid bag the spike went into my finger & blood was visable straight away.

I am not sure of the patients health status regarding HIV or other blood infections or disease.

The spike was clean, the IV fluids were being run through a pump also which reduces backflow. What is the likely hood of there being blood product at the Bag end of an IV giving set?? And the chances of me contracting anything?

I did not report this matter, as I was embarrassed and scared.

I could not see any blood in the IV line up that high, as it also has a drip chamber then through an IV pump to reduce air & backflow.

If feel sick due to worry, but then think I should have nothing to worry about as that end of the IV set should still be pretty sterile and clean, what do you think?

I may go to my local Doctor today to get some bloods taken & to ask his advise.

Thank you.



Since the fluid in the IV bag wasn't in direct contact with the patient's blood, there should be no risk of blood borne illnesses (including HIV).

Be well, BY