ITP-Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia purpura


Few questions about this disorder:

1)One symptom is easy bruising----What do you consider easy?

2)How early in the HIV infection does this occur?

3)Where does the petechiae rash usually appear and how long does it last?

4)What other abnormal happenings usually occur? Would you consider this "symptomatic" instead of "asymptomatic", in regards to the HIV disease?

If you could just elaborate more on the condition I would be very thankful.


ITP can happen to people with and without HIV. It is not an AIDS-defining condition. "Easy" is in the eye of the beholder, but generally means that you get bruises from trivial incidents. Petechiae can occur anywhere-- there is no characteristic location. It lasts a while (at least days). ITP doesn't have any specific timing with respect to HIV disease, and often responds to treatment with AZT. Other symptoms are related to how low the platelet count goes and whether there is serious bleeding associated with the low count.

Personally, I would consider this "symptomatic" HIV.