Itching in the vaginal area, tiny red bumps that itch on my stomach.


HI, I'm 17 years of age and have been experiencing some weird complications with my body. I'm so concerned because I'm still young and want to know what's going on with my body. Up under my arm pits I have broken out badly because of the scratching I do. I have small tiny red bumps on my stomach that itch, my vaginal area has a odor and itches very badly. I was bit by an estimate of 10 mosquitoes during summer 2000. I scratched them,and it left marks. I put cocoa butter on my legs, but the marks wont go away. Is it possible that I could be infected with You know the H or A word? Seriously, HIV OR AIDS?


This doesn't sound like HIV/AIDS to me. You may have a skin infection. See your doctor for a diagnosis and treatment. Good luck!