itch in virginal (VIRGINAL)


My virginal really itch recently... There are some white discharge as well, is there anything wrong with me ?



Your "virginal"??? Hmmm . . . a virginal is a small legless rectangular harpsichord popular in the 16th and 17th centuries. (See below.) I didn't know furniture could itch! (If your vagina itches and has a discharge, you should see your doctor, as you could have a yeast infection or STD.)

Dr. Bob

is it likely ? Jun 17, 2006

i am a virgin of 24 years but i have been in steady relationship with a man for 3 years i never allow him to have penetrative sex with me, but we practise frottage and intercrurrial sex with the use of condom last year we were on it and he started rubbing my virginal with is organ we never did insertion and he was on it for like 10 sec without a condom when i saw this i immediately insist he use a condom that is the only exposure i had ever had .so this is my situation

1 there was a routine medical check in my work place hiv test was included and my result came out hiv+ , i told the doctor my case and he told me i am to do a confirmatory test which i am very scarred to do ?

2 with this type of exposure of mine is it really posible that i have hiv ,after rulling out all other non sexual avenue of contacting the virus

3 the doctor told me to go for a confirmatory test in a laboratory is it possible that the innitial test was in error?

4 i really appreciate the work you are doing keep the your kindness will be paid in countless fold

Response from Dr. Frascino


". . . he started rubbing my virginal with his organ . . . ." Hmmm . . . .

Well, a "virginal" is a small legless rectangular harpsichord popular in the 16th and 17th centuries, so am I to assume your boyfriend has an antique fetish and was trying to spunk a valuable family heirloom???

Look, Sweetie, intercrural (not intercrurrial) sex, also called outercourse, is non-penetrative and consequently not an HIV risk.

To specifically answer your questions:

  1. If you test HIV positive on a screening test and have absolutely no HIV risk, your test must be a false positive. Don't be frightened. Get the follow-up, more sophisticated test as recommended. The results will be negative.

  2. Nope.

  3. Yep.

  4. Thanks!

Dr. Bob