Isentress and Supplements?


Dear Nelson, Is it okay to take my morning supplements (multi vitamin, NAC, lipoic acid/carnitine, L-glutamine, Vit D, omega acids, Coq10) together with my morning dose of Isentress and my breakfast?

Thank you very much, John



The only supplements of concern when taking Isentress or any integrase inhibitor are Calcium/aluminum/magnesium. Never take them at the same time you take Reyataz or integrase inhibitors since it can affect absorption of those drugs. Take it at least 2 hours before or 6 hours after these medications. Food may minimize interactions if integrase inhibitors are taken with any of these supplements but I would not risk it.

All others have not been listed in any precautions about Isentress.

Nelson What supplements can be bad for HIV positive people?