Intestinal gas/coated tongue HIV or something else?


You are doing a great job. We thank you. please answer my question I beg you. I had sex from October till February. On November and February I had constipation and rashes on my groin area, which are gone now. Now I have coated tongue from February (white stuff on my tongue, specially on the back) also lots of gas till now. I tested for HIV couple of times the last two on PCR RNA <400 undetectible and antibody tes on May 31 negative. I am so concerned as anybody else in here. I know you can't tell if I have HIV or not, do you think it could be anything else? I did endoscopy and the Dr. said I have H. Pylori, he gave antibiotic but still I have gas and white tongue. Please respond me pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee. Thanks in advance.


I wish I could answer your question more specifically, but a medical doctor would have to do that in person. This is way out of my league because I do not think this question relates to HIV or STDs.

Best of luck.