interpretation of blood test CD4 and CD8


Dear Doc. Holodnly I'm on Prezista+Norvir+Maraviroc+Truvada (baring m184 mutation) only one months on this therapy after failure on Raltegravir, and m184 my VL is 20 (non PCR method) and CD4 is 202 other results that i don't understand are:

FACS, Cell Markers, PB

WBC/mm3 4200 cells/mm3 (at the beginning of Rx. 2800) % LYMPHO 33.9% LYMPHO/mm3 1424 cells/mm3 (at the beginning of therapy 600) CD3 (mature T) 77.8 (60.0-85.0) CD3/mm3 1108 cells/mm3 CD4 (T helper) 14.2 L (36.0-63.0) CD4/mm3 202 cells/mm3 L (436-1394) CD8 (T sup-cyt) 59.1 H (15.0-40.0) CD8/mm3 841 cells/mm3 (166-882) CD4/CD8 0.24 L (1.5-3.30)

at diagnosis: CD4/CD8/CD3 > 7-53-63 CD4 absolute 0.07 CD4/CD8 ratio 0.13 L

Can you please explain to me what is the meaning and significance of these results? a can't understand these tests. thank you very much!


The numbers you present are what are typically reported when someone orders t cell subsets. The report usually provides the total number and percent of the different cell types. The types of cells reported are usually all t cells (CD3+ cells, which includes both CD4 + CD8), CD4+ t helper cells, and CD8+ t suppressor or cytotoxic cells. For your current results, the report indicates that you have 202 CD4 cells and they represent 14.2% of the lymphocytes in your blood. The normal ranges for all the cell types are presented in the parentheses. In general, HIV causes the CD4 count to go down and the CD8 count to go up. When you compare your numbers from diagnosis to now, you see that your CD4 percent has increased from 7 to 14%, and your CD4 count has increased from 7 to 202. So you have made good progress in terms of improving your immune system.