International Student Insurance


Hi Jacques, I intend to continue my master degree in Univ of Maryland and they offer me student health insurance under ACT programme, is it means that i can get free ART treatment during my univ? I can not afford for hiv treatment because I only get the allowance for usd 1500 per month. And what should I bring from my home country in order to get free medication in US? I don't want to stop my ART treatment while i am studying in US.


Historically, student health plans have been very bare-bones coverage. You should check the benefits, but I doubt you will find much drug coverage. They do not meet the Minimum Essential Coverage requirements under ACA.

However, you probably could qualify for Maryland's AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) which, with your income, would provide many medications as no cost.

Each state's plan is different so do a browser search for "Maryland ADAP" and you will find all the details.