Insertive Oral sex Risk..Dr. Shannon or Dr. Richard


I have read your answer in which you said there is no risk of HIV transmission in receiving oral, Kissing or hand job "Unless the pre-cum hasn't been exposed to air for long time" Can you please explain this?

I have been in same kind of situation - which include 1.receiving oral sex for 30 sec MAX from a woman. 2.Licking her vaginal fluids from my finger once. Doctors at medhelp say that it is zero risk even if she was HIV positive. 3. Kissing and licking of nipples and lips.

Here is my question at medhelp

Right now I am suffering from anxiety and HIVphobia. I am having cankers in my mouth, my lips are dry/sticky I have one canker for a month which i still have, I m not sure why I have it, I don't smoke at all it can't be oral cancer. my question is if it HIV canker, why is it taking soo long to heal. Plus I am under immense stress. could it be the reason which is causing cankers and sticky lips.

Please doctor Shannon help me out. My anxiety is killing me.


Hi HIV begins to die once it leaves the body. This is why it is a very small risk of HIV transmission.

Hope this helps,

Be well and stay safe, Shannon