INQUIRY regarding KALETRA drug-drug interactions


Hi sir Please kindly let me know if KALETRA has divert effect with Pregabalin. Because I used to TEGRETOL before I got HIV but it had harsh contradiction with my main drug "KALETRA" Now my physiatrist prescribed PREGABALIN Iinstead ,would you pleasee let me know wether PREGABLIN has any drug interaction with KALTRA (LOPONAVIR-RITONAVIR) Regards,


Hello and thanks for posting.

Your care providers are correct. There is a very significant drug-drug interaction (DDI) between tegretol and the medications in Kaletra (ritonavir/lopinavir). By contrast, there is no expected interaction between pregabalin, ritonavir and lopinavir.

The boosting drugs ritonavir (Norvir) and cobicistat (found in Complera, Odefsy, Stribild, Genvoya, Prezobix and Evotaz) work by slowing down the metabolism of certain HIV drugs, and similarly can affect the metabolism of many other drugs that use the same liver mechanism. For this reason, this class of medication (among others) is particularly prone to significant DDIs.

It's important to be aware of possible DDIs before adding medications, vitamins or supplements to your treatments as such interactions can either render one of the medications ineffective (a real problem if your HIV medications levels are too low to suppress the virus), or raise drug levels in your body to toxic concentrations (increasing the risk of side effects, and sometimes, serious toxicity).

I recommend that patients tell their their providers and pharmacists about all of the medications and supplements that they take, whether prescribed by one or multiple providers. Ask about potential interactions; and use one of several online calculators to look for possible problems. One of the ones I like to use is the University of Liverpool's . It's free, relatively quick, contains tables for medications, supplements and recreational drugs.

I hope that this is helpful, BY